WAND | Expert Center | Archers Alley | Decatur, IL

Avid hunter and family man Nathan Frazier, having started shooting with his young sons, realized there hasn’t been a range in Decatur IL for 15 years. He had to travel a long distance with his boys to use a range, but spent more time in travel than on the range.

Archers Alley was born out of a drought-forced slow day in the lawn business. Nathan, with his successful lawn business, had bought a new facility for the operation. His brother and cousin who were both big into archery suggested he look to fill the off season of the lawn business with the complementary season of archery. He surveyed the vast new home of Pathway Lawn Grooming thinking, “This would be a great place for a range”.

With his friends asking for recommendations for the same thing he had been looking for; a safe entertaining option for hunters; he knew the idea was on target. He started out with the idea of a 30 yard range, and has expanded from there. He’s now added an observation gallery for family members to watch, Youth Leagues, Women’s Leagues, Crossbow Leagues, Traditional & 3-D Leagues, and a full service bow shop to compliment the product sales and range.

Looking to up your game? Does your equipment need tweaking? Or are you are just looking to have fun? Bring the family as Archers Alley hits the target. It’s a great family time and an inexpensive way to spend quality time with the kids.



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